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Ride to the future

Digital marketing has become a cornerstone method of marketing, particularly surrounding home-based businesses. Though you have a less personalized connection with your audience you will reach more people and engage with greater numbers which can lead to a significant increase in networking opportunities.

Through a number of years of experience, we find that to truly capitalize on digital marketing a holistic approach from both graphic design and content writing is the ultimate pathway to success.

In order to provide you with an all-around offering, we have taken into consideration your desire to expand and increase membership by next year. While looking at a number of past projects to determine the best way forward for a successful digital marketing campaign.

The Budget

$ 3,500.00 per month for 12 months including VAT

The Approach

  • $ 3,500.00 Total
  • $ 3,043.48 excluding VAT
  • $ 456.52 VAT

Let’s break down the offering:

  1. 10 hours per month of graphic design work of your choosing to fit your needs.
  2. 15 hours per month of content writing & social media management.
  3. $ 400.00 per month going to Social Media campaign, spread out over LinkedIn (should you want to include a LinkedIn page), Facebook & Instagram or consolidated on one platform as needed. The content creation & needed design work for the campaign will be taken from this budget so as not to impact the dedicated above hours. Typically two to three hours per campaign.
  4. $ 600.00 to Google Search Words & Google AdWords, this allocation is based on the needed SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) push, to create ongoing website visitors.
  5. Any work needed outside or additional to the allocated budget will be billed at $ 85.00 per hour.

The ontwerp team

ontwerp is a boutique communications agency specialising in content writing and graphic design. We are a collective of individuals working together with the aim of presenting authentic pieces that will bring your brand voice into the spotlight. We are all driven to provide long-lasting content and design and we would be delighted to be a part of your brand journey.

Effective communication is a measured balance between non-verbal and verbal elements. A clear understanding of your target personas and value proposition allows for efficient collaboration between our skilled content writers and focused graphic designer. Our goal at ontwerp is to provide you with a full brand story that inspires your audience as well as your company.

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