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Tips for Impactful Content Though it may seem like your resume holds all the keys to ensuring employment, the truth is that both the cover letter and resume are needed to make an impact. Hiring managers are not looking to add just anyone to the team though. Yes, they want to know that you have

What do you really want to know? As the employer, you have reviewed the applications, completed the initial screening phone interviews and are setting up face-to-face, albeit virtual, interviews. From there you will move quickly to applicant assessment, background and reference checks, the job offer and then hiring. You have done this before. It is

The Context Brand stories influence our way of thinking. Telling absorbing stories can actually change the way an audience thinks about, perceives and even behaves, towards your brand. Accomplished content marketers tell their brand stories so that each ‘listener’ in the target audience is the leading actor. The Question What is the minimum viable route to developing