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The Context Your brand represents the perceptions and experiences connected to your company (values, ideas, quality, positioning, personality, expectations, service levels, etc.). Your brand both creates, and reinforces, associations. A brand has value and that value can change. Branding includes tangible aspects (logo, slogan, fonts, colours, collateral, stationery, signage, packaging, website, email signatures, etc.) and,

In Graphic Design Following my article UNDERSTANDING BASIC LOGO TERMINOLOGY I wanted to take a few steps deeper into graphic design. So the first look will be into iconography and how it relates to graphic design. It may not seem like it, but iconography surrounds our daily lives. The icons play a special part in the

The Context Whilst the amounts may differ, all of us are confined to finite resources at any one time. As marketing communicators, determining what we want to say, why we need to say it, and who, when, and where to say it to, is critical to effective resource utilization. Establishing a meaningful engagement. The Question What is