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The Context There are dozens of references on how to present a good idea’. When it comes to presenting ideas my experience is that the ‘pitch’, i.e. method and format, enjoys far more preparation attention than the idea itself. No matter how polished, ‘hi-tech’ and well-rehearsed a presentation delivery is if the idea itself is Tearing them Apart There are dozens of references and guidelines on 'how to present a good idea’. But, how do you determine if it is a good idea? I will share a technique that expounds on an interesting method of testing ideas, namely; by tearing them apart in a meaningful manner. When it comes to

The Context As the employer, you have reviewed the applications, completed the initial screening phone interviews, and are setting up face-to-face, albeit virtual, interviews. From there you will move quickly to applicant assessment, background, and reference checks, the job offer and then hiring. You have done this before. It is a process. You have your