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Reinforcing Steel Contractors

The Challenge

Creating brand awareness within the B2C space in order to facilitate a community presence and better communicate with audiences showing interest in DIY projects, home renovations, and smaller building projects.

The Approach

Audience personas were devised leading to two platforms being identified as relevant, LinkedIn and Facebook. LinkedIn focuses on one single company page solely to obtain organic traffic to the page while Facebook has a page for each retail branch lending to stronger community ties in those areas with branch-focused ad campaigns to create further brand awareness.

Standard Social Media Cover + Icon

Woman's Day Campaign

Woman’s Day 2020 Social Media Cover + Icon
Woman’s Day 2020 Ad Campaign
Woman’s Day 2020 Ad Campaign Description

Heritage Day Campaign

Heritage Day 2020 Social Media Cover + Icon
Heritage Day 2020 Ad Campaign
Heritage Day 2020 Ad Campaign Description

Movember Campaign

Movember 2020 Social Media Cover + Icon
Movember 2020 Ad Campaign
Movember 2020 Ad Campaign Description

The Result

Followers increased by 60% while engagements have increased by 52%
(over a two month period)
Page likes have increased by 30% on average per page while engagements have increased by 20% on average.
Each ad campaign has led to around a 40% increase in page likes for the relevant branch page.


Social media offers a business the opportunity to communicate to the public in a way that no other communications methodology really allows for.
It is inexpensive, capable of surgical focus and forgiving in its presentation as it is less specialised than other advertising platforms.
You also gain the opportunity to show that the business comprises of people who have values and exist beyond the rat race without looking pretentious.
ontwerp provides RSC with professional advice and collaboration with our online campaigns.  The team is flexible in their ability to get your ideas into messaging while being firm about not letting you make a fool of yourself on the largest soapbox in the world.

Andre M. Vos
IT Project Leader

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