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DocMorris & ZurRose Group

The Challenge

Supporting the employer branding team with content writing and graphic design in order to best realise their vision for online and offline campaigns, articles, LinkedIn posts and presentations.

The Approach

In conjunction with the needs of the employer branding team, we created, reviewed and designed assets requested on a per-project basis. Together, we worked to build a powerful employer brand that attracts top talent and sets DocMorris (former Zur Rose Group) apart from the competition.

Tech Articles Published on Medium – PromoFarma by DocMorris Article Cover Images + Proofreading

The brief was to use the DocMorris CI and create isometric banners for each article and proofread the articles for congruency and grammar.

How do we test at PromoFarma by DocMorris
The Right Connection Building Cybersecurity Synergy through Mindful Leadership
React Native app
Improving Retail Media through Natural Language
Agile Frameworks and the Power of Organizational Culture

DocMorris Talks - Podcast

Using the DocMorris Logo as a base we replaced the “heart” icon with a microphone and incorporated it all into an app-style logo but retaining a retro radio station feel with modern simplicity. The brief required something simple but also that the design would emulate a neon sign to reinforce the retro feel.

Welcome to the team
stickers + Buttons

The design brief was to create a design for each subsidiary of Zur Rose Group to welcome a new employee to the team. The design would be used for stickers and buttons of different sizes. The design needed to be provided in vector format and print files for the print company.

Social Media Banners

Social media banners, predominantly used for LinkedIn and internal use, were required on a regular basis that showcased the brand that was hiring at the time. These were used by multiple individuals across the talent acquisition team. The brief was to design a banner using the phrase “We Are Hiring” and a project-specific slogan.

Campaign Banners

Campaign banners were designed according to the international day being celebrated. The brief was to create designs that were simple with an icon on the brand-specific colours. The banners were used in social media and as an introduction segment for videos.

Canva Assets

Assets that could be uploaded and used in Canva were requested as part of an effort to create quick “templates’ for the employer branding team.

LinkedIn Ghostwriter Articles +

The talent acquisition team wanted to try a new approach to attracting talent. The brief was to ghostwrite articles for a specific member of the team and provide the header image as well as the square image for posts. Once that team member had left they moved the project onto another member who has subsequently also left. The project has not been taken on by another member yet. Both members did report positive results and feedback from their network.

Presentation Slides

The International Women’s Day campaign was an online and offline drive to promote women and celebrate women in the workplace. Little seed packets were handed out and an online survey was sent to team members across the board. The brief for the presentation was to take the results and create slides for the presentation in a specific order and showcase the most relevant results.

Working with ontwerp was not only a pleasure, but very valuable in building effective Employer Branding campaigns and content. They supported me in long-form Thought Leadership articles and dedicated campaigns for attracting top talent in European markets. They are very professional, go the extra mile and always delivered on time and in spec. I received guidance even outside the immediate project, which showed their understanding of the “bigger picture” the Talent Acquisition team was trying to achieve. I would definitely work with them again and would recommend them as a trusted partner for medium to large organisations.

Damien H. Wood

Group Talent Acquisition Manager for Zur Rose Group (Oct 2021 – Nov 2022)

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