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Diligence On Call

The Challenge

We worked with Delilah on the logo and website design for her other company Any Time Proofreading. So when she approached us in need of a logo design and website design for Diligence On Call we already had a lot of groundwork done.

The main driving force behind DOC was to provide a service that would help alleviate the stress of getting around, particularly for seniors and children. While also providing other services such as prescription pick-ups, running errands, and caring for children. Delilah wanted to create a service that could help those with difficulties completing daily tasks such as going to get groceries.

The Approach

It took some weeks before a name was selected to be able to move onto the actual logo design. Considering the various offerings provided and the desire to have something simplistic it was far better to focus on the name for inspiration.

The logo design, as well as the website design, had to be approachable and sit comfortably with the audience. To create a sense of comfort and trust. After all this service was about helping those in vulnerable situations that required occasional or ongoing assistance in getting around.

Looking at the acronym DOC it was a little clearer as to the direction of the logo design. Incorporating each letter into the design Charl was able to put forth a design that reflects safety and reliability.

The Result

Though it was a slightly complex offering we were able to play a role in getting the brand to a streamlined vision. Allowing for a wonderful and approachable logo design that gives you a sense of security.

The website design followed the principles set out by the logo design and presented with easy to navigate website. We were delighted to be a part of this project.

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