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The Challenge

DeeVah first approached us at the beginning stages of her new solo career as a singer/songwriter. As her name suggests is she a woman of beauty, feminine power, and the confidence to boot. She was looking for a logo that would embrace the strength of a woman while symbolizing the diva that she is as a performer.

As the development of the logo progressed DeeVah went on to produce her first album and required an album cover and other album artwork which she wanted to be done in the same line as the logo.

The Approach

Now the logo really needed to show-off the fierce and glamorous nature that is embodied by the name DeeVah. A humble sense of sophistication to finish off the ideal logo.

It was, for this reason, it seemed so obvious that the logo itself would be DeeVah. An outline of DeeVah accompanied by strong typography would surely be a bold statement.

Once the professional photoshoot was complete Charl was able to use one of the images to create the profile outline of DeeVah for a bust-style logo. The accompanying typography had to show just as much confidence as the name and icon of the logo.

Finding the right font can be a little tricky, but with some patience, the perfect match can be found.

Dual 300 is a font that showcases the elegance and professionalism of Má Bakery, at the same time a sense of modernism and simplicity leaves you with clean and legible typography.

The Result

Bringing us to a logo that has a strong feminine feel and the confidence only a diva could express. It is truly a custom DeeVah logo, letting everyone know just how glamorous she as a person and singer is every single day.

The album cover and artwork to follow elevated the logo and photos taken. A wonderful depiction of the music, performer, and attitude of DeeVah.


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