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33 Fest


33 Fest was created out of a love for live music and supporting local musicians. The idea would be to run festivals showcasing local bands in the alternative and punk scenes. Each representing a small part of the amazing talent that lies within South Africa.

Over time the festivals were continued by other parties involved and 33 fest became about sharing amazing music from local and international artists. It was an amazing experience meeting all kinds of people and helping them in some small way along their journey to success.

What We Did

Starting with the first festival being a 33rd birthday of one of the founders a name was found. We began by organizing venues and setting up bands for events that would take place throughout the course of the year. We found ourselves collaborating with other organizers and musicians to bring such entertainment it would last the entire day.

After hosting a few festivals with skaters and roller derby girls we came to a split in the road that led all of us on our own special journeys. Now 33 fest exists as a memory of a wonderful time and a supporter of musicians across the globe.

From our side marketing and graphic design were needed for poster designs, branding, and other event collateral. This project gave us many aspects to focus on and understand how to get to audiences through digital media.

Going Forward

We will continue to support musicians and share the music we find inspiring. The future of art is with independent houses.

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