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An In-depth Look Delilah Nosworthy has had a formidable career where copyediting and proofreading were integral elements of her work. After deciding to branch off on her own Delilah approached us for a full corporate design package as well as a website design under her new brand Any Time Proofreading. The Brief Though it was some years

Don’t step outside your Comfort Zone.  If the stability, familiarity, and security of your personal ecosystem, i.e. your comfort zone, are what allow you to perform at your best and, if ‘the magic only happens if you move out of your comfort zone, then the magic will only happen when you change your ecosystem to

Finding simplicity, balance and longevity has been a part of our society for some time. We seek to bring forth the best in ourselves and others. Less is more, is a statement that means so much to so many in slightly different ways. Focusing heavily on being grounded in life and in the moment

Let your Staff ‘Push-back’ to Improve Effectiveness The Context Observing, or experiencing, inept people is not uncommon. By this, I mean ineffective (not doing the right things), inefficient (not doing things right) or incompetent (unable to do things right). Relying on people’s constructive contributions is key to business success. People are mostly not proactively inept by