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About us
ontwerp is a boutique communications agency founded by Charl Vincent Nigrini, Michael Wood, Giulia Nigrini, and Bronwyn Wood.
A tremendous amount of hard work and a headstrong attitude we brought ourselves to a point where we are finally able to show the true value of our skills. It is with great passion that we bring your brand a voice through visualisation and storytelling.
Our goal

Effective communication is a measured balance between non-verbal and verbal elements. A clear understanding of your target personas and value proposition allows for efficient collaboration between our skilled visual artists and focused content creators. At ontwerp we don’t merely provide quality design, but rather a full visual branding story that adds measurable value to our clients’ objectives.

That Bit Extra

We currently operate out of Zurich, Switzerland, and Gauteng, South Africa. Motivating communities through our growing network and reach continually inspires us to bring our A-Game, be present ‘in the moment’ and improve the value of our clients’ brand positioning.

Design with Passion

Being passionate about timeless design we also understand the obstacles that come with brand development. We are happy to speak through some ideas with you and give you an idea of how your ideas can translate into the design world.

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the difference is in the details • the difference is in the details •