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Minimalist Design

Simple, Subtle & Striking

In recent years more and more people have become familiar with the idea of minimalist design. We find some people changing over entire lifestyles to represent the ideals of minimalism. You may be wondering why there is such a pull towards what may seem like a harsh way of life. Minimalism presents as something intensely pragmatic as you cut it all down to the bare basics. Opening up to vulnerability or not being prepared for the what-ifs of the future. Perhaps somewhat daunting.

There is another way to look at how this perspective breaks down the noise, leaving you with something elegant. By working away with the extra bits of an image, interior layout, or even a building you expose the bones of the project. Giving a mere suggestion of its complete form. It presents itself as beautiful, confident, and bold.

Minimalist design can be applied to a variety of situations or projects. Some fundamental principles guide the design and a talented eye can really bring it home.

Less is More – Simple

The first thing to keep in mind when it comes to focusing on a minimalist design is that less is more. It is easy to get carried away with wanting to add detail. Trying to bring multiple elements together is not always the best option for creating a coherent design. There are times when simplicity is the best route for a brand.

Simple designs have the advantage of being easy to comprehend and recognizable. Though you may run the risk of over-simplifying your message and losing the core values. It is a balancing act of brand voice and brand image.

Clean Lines – Subtle

In all applications of minimalist design, you will find people referring to clean lines. This is a particularly important aspect of minimalism within a logo design. A designer will look to create the best possible design that incorporates both aesthetics and practicality. Focusing on clean, purposeful lines one is able to find balance within the design.

Clean and easy-to-follow lines create the opportunity to adapt the application of your design. Whether on a tiny pin or on a billboard it becomes quickly identifiable.

Bare Basics – Striking

There is something you be said about the confidence of revealing the bones of your design. The minimalist design brings forth the idea of stripping it all down to bare basics. Showing off the elements that hold it all together, showing it off in its simplest form. Though seemingly vulnerable this style can depict elegance and strength.

When taking all back to the basics you expose an expression that looks to create something beautiful and functional. Allowing for the creation of completely unique perspectives.

Our Approach

We take the ideals of minimalism to heart. Whether for design or writing, it is often best to take the path that creates a sense of ease in your audience. We find minimalism to be the best tool. Bringing simplicity, subtlety, and a striking look and feel to your brand.

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