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Writing for an Automotive Company

I never thought of myself as someone who would have gone into writing about cars and the like. However, writing for an automotive company has allowed me to explore a world I never would have looked into otherwise. I have come to see a side of car culture that has come to amaze me. All along the way, I have learnt a fair amount about my own writing and what writing on a topic that was essentially foreign to me a little over 6 years ago.

Tips on Writing for an Automotive Company

Let’s jump straight into a few tips on writing for an automotive company. It may seem like a simple task if you are interested in cars but remember, there is more to the automotive world than just knowing your cars. Here are a few general pointers to start off with:

Do Your Research

Regardless of which aspect you are writing about in the automotive industry, you want to be sure that you have done in-depth research. There are a lot of clickbait articles and videos out there that can skew how you will write your article. Much like the gaming industry, everyone wants to be the first to report on a new car or a big change such as hydrogen batteries. The truth is that not everyone can be first. It is better to have relevant information going out to readers versus speculative nonsense that can damage the relationship over time. The automotive industry affects the global market and it is up to us writers to do the proper thing. Unfortunately, there are just too many people out there writing for SEO gains and too few writing substantial content, especially in automotive journalism.

Keep it Simple

Regardless of the topic you are talking about, you want to keep it to the point. Longer articles that cover complicated topics are great. Just not very often. Focusing more on shorter pieces that are between 700 to 900 words is best. Simplify details and keep your topic to the point. Try not to stray away from the main topic. The aim is to maintain reader engagement and share useful information. Getting too philosophical or bringing your own opinion to the foreground will muddy the waters.

Know Your Audience

The automotive industry is a vast one. So knowing your audience will make an impact on how you deliver your discussion. writing for an automotive company is never a simple task. If you are writing about insurance or warranties you are looking at a much wider audience. This is because a wide variety of people drive. Perhaps you are writing about off-road accessories, this can become very niche very quickly. Other subcategories such as supercars, racing, and classic cars are all part of the automotive world and they are all a select audience. They express their interest in different ways and use a variation in language as well. Ultimately this impacts how they receive your articles and it impacts the overall SEO.

What are the Challenges in Automotive Writing?

Writing is a difficult career path. You can choose to be a writer of novels or simply focus on marketing material such as ad campaigns. My chosen path is a content writer. A more specialized field where you focus on writing for digital media, in particular, blog writing and other longer-form pieces. I would say that this is a great place to start if you want to get into automotive writing. However, there are a number of obstacles that you will have to overcome.

Competition is High

It is a competitive market that allows for few people t break into it. Most of what you rely on to get work in is your reputation and ability to write such compelling articles that readers keep coming back for more. Landing the right gig is all about making yourself well-known for automotive writing. Often you will find that companies may ask you to write as a ghostwriter and that is one of the biggest challenges to overcome.

You will need to suck it up and write under someone else’s name to get that initial experience. I would suggest keeping those articles aside and using them as part of your portfolio when applying for new roles. Tell the hiring manager or recruiter that you were contacted specifically for ghostwriting and share the articles via email. Do to be afraid to say what you have done and for who.

Be Unapologetic

Most writers are rather passive people. Some do it for the love of the topic, some because that is they can concisely convey messages but few are ruthless marketers. With such high competition, you cannot be afraid to push. Yes, you need to understand the balance in your work-to-compensation ratio but you must also not let marketers, hiring managers, and owners bully you into taking less for your writing. Even if you are a novice writer.

If they had the skills and time to write they wouldn’t need you. Do not feel guilty for asking for industry standard remuneration and don’t give in to peer pressure. Stand strong and always put forward confidence in your work. The best way to do this is to get to know what kind of writer you are and always research the company you are aiming to work for. Their job is to get the best work at the lowest price. It is a difficult obstacle to overcome when you are at the heart of the negotiation.

Become Familiar with Automotive History

Not all fields within writing for an automotive company will require you to know about automotive history. That is true. I will say though, that being familiar with automotive history has given me a better appreciation for automotive enthusiasts and it has improved my writing greatly. It is not all about cars and the latest futuristic tech. There is a long history that has changed the way we function in the world. We have had more influences from changes in the automotive industry than we realise. Knowing where it all started is half the battle. It provides clarity on current issues and gives pointers as to where the future.

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