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4 Reasons to Have a Monogram

Let me start by saying that I absolutely love my monogram. It gives me a sense of professionalism and a concrete basis for my personal branding. My monogram truly reflects me, my style, and my personality. I believe that it assists me in connecting with people who would find me a suitable fit for a project or team.

Monogram Motivations

The use of monograms to refer to names of cities and people has been around for a good portion of history. Though only using the first letter of one or all of the names, a monogram is designed in such a way that it is unique to the city or person. It is a symbol customized to you and can only represent you. I find that rather special.

Centralized Personal Branding

In last week’s article, I looked at Personal Branding For Your Resume, where I discussed why it is important to use personal branding as part of a resume or cv. I find that a resume or portfolio really needs to give people a sense of what they are getting with you. A monogram has the potential to ground your personal branding. 

Offering you one focal aspect for your personal brand’s visual communication. Much like a logo for a company, a monogram supplies you with a foundation to build your personal brand upon. 

Impress Your Work Ethic

A monogram sets a standard. I feel that having a monogram and setting branding guidelines for yourself shows a sense of professionalism. While also showcasing a serious and dedicated attitude. 

Use this as an opportunity to impress your strong work ethic. Recruiters and employers are looking for someone who not only fits the role but also the company. A monogram provides the perfect way to stand out and immediately make an impact.

Attract Like-Minded People

Even if you are not looking to update your personal branding to find a new work opportunity, having an up-to-date portfolio with eye-catching visuals attracts peers.

Growing a network of like-minded individuals provides a great starting point for authentic connections. Ultimately leading to the discovery of mutual interests and opening the potential for collaboration. 

Showcasing Your Personality

It is important to develop your skills and garner qualifications to further your career. In the same breath, it is just as important to focus on intrapersonal skills. Unique quirks and personal skill sets will likely set you apart from other profiles. 

A monogram is designed with your personality in mind. It neatly brings your professionalism, personal brand, and personality into one easily recognizable visual. In just a few seconds you can quickly showcase your personality which can help employers and recruiters get a feeling for whether or not you are the right fit. At the same time showcasing your personality to potential connections. 

Where to Use a Monogram

A monogram is something that can be used as you see fit. Common uses include profile images for professional accounts, resumes or cv, and other public profiles. I use mine across all online platforms and as my avatar for writing purposes. It is an elegant way of signing my work as a painter would sign their painting.

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