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A Guide to Personal Branding for your Resume

I remember making my very first resume using Word. It was so different from how we present ourselves now. Far more personal information was required, and a photo of yourself was the norm whereas nowadays it is merely a suggestion. Some countries have completely banned photos on resumes altogether. Over the years the way we compete for work has evolved, lending itself to an interesting push towards personal branding for your resume. You want to achieve three main things with your resume:

  • Be striking: visual stimulation gives the reader something to spark interest to read further or have a more in-depth look at your profile. 
  • Supply accurate, concise, and relevant information: easy to consume bits of information with specific keywords in mind assist employers and recruiters in analysing your information in terms of suitability for the company.
  • To get an interview: it is unlikely to land a job solely based on reference or your resume, your resume is there to get your foot in the door and it is up to you to close the deal.

Step 1: Start with Personal Branding

Having a personal monogram may seem very old-timey and somewhat bourgeois for the current era, however, you may find it to be just what you need to stand out. So often when we put together a resume we concentrate on the mundane details with such professional intent that we tend to forget the initial goal of the resume – to be memorable. A great way to achieve this is through personal branding via a monogram design and the development of a personal brand image. 

Whether you decide to have a monogram design made, have a professional photo taken, or perhaps both, it is important to know how you want to come across as a first impression. Once you know which approach you would like to go with you can decide on two favourite colours and 3 most enjoyed hobbies or free-time activities. Knowing this information will help you set the tone and flow of your resume. The purpose is to create a personal brand profile for yourself.

Photographs supplied by RnD Photography

Monograms designed by Charl V. Nigrini here at ontwerp

Step 2: Tell A Story

Your resume is essentially a summarized timeline of your professional and/or academic life. It encompasses your journey within your field/industry and showcases your skills. So think of this as an opportunity to take the reader into this journey of yours. Personal branding is more than just the visual components, it is about how you come across through speech or text. 

Carefully select the words you would like to be prominent throughout your resume, referred to as keywords. Keyword selection will give the starting point of the kind of language you will likely use in your resume. The way sentences are constructed and the type of vocabulary must evoke a response from the reader. Next, lay out in chronological order education, experience, and achievements (personal and professional). I personally like to use a timeline-style diagram. 

Now right down the industry or area, you would like to focus on and continue your professional growth. For myself, I am a content writer but I have a special interest in cookware. Take your keywords, timeline, and focus all into account to write a short summary of who you are, what you do, where your focus is, and where you are looking (specific city/country or remote).

Step 3: Put the Cherry on Top

Your reader is captivated and looking for any sign that you are not just the right candidate for the job but also the company. This is when you want to spend time adding a little personality to the mix. The importance of having a job regardless often outweighs the need for a comfortable work environment. But you need to remind yourself that you are just looking for a job but for the right boss too. Being the right fit for the role and company will bring success to you and the company.

Obviously, I do not mean that you should totally personalize your resume. Adding tidbits of personal details will help your personality and work ethic shine through. Good examples include a cherished quote, hobbies, favourite movies, favourite books, personal projects, and countries you have worked in before. Though the types of topics to include are not set in stone it would be best to avoid certain topics in your personal life and stick to topics that showcase more personality and hidden skills/talents.

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ontwerp has been a part of many resume builds as well personal brand development in terms of design and written content. We currently offer a number of services for the express purpose of brand development. 

Resume Aktiv

Focusing on your personal brand has never been as essential as it is today. Resumé Aktiv evolves a traditional CV to a digital platform that ties together all online profiles while showcasing your unique professional brand. Examples: 

What you get:
  • Design and development of your new Resumé Aktiv online profile according to current technical & recruitment standards and with a content management system for self-administration by customers.
  • Personal brand analysis by a Clinical Psychologist
  • Personalized Monogram design
  • Responsive design (smartphone, tablet, desktop)
  • CMS: WordPress
  • Scope: 1 page
  • Contact form
  • SEO: Enter keywords and meta texts
  • Standard Google ReCaptcha v3 site key protection
  • Written content development
  • Pdf Version
  • including 2 correction runs
  • Customer self-hosting


A logo is the face of the company while a monogram is the first step towards solidifying your personal professional brand.

What you get:
  • Personalized Monogram design
  • Research + conception
  • 1 Design + variants
  • including 2 correction runs
  • Color scheme
  • Typography
  • Variations (icon, responsive)
  • Monogram Guide

Resume (pdf only)

A resume has the job of showcasing your best skills in order to truly impress the reader.

What you get:
  • Personal brand analysis by a Clinical Psychologist
  • Personalized Monogram design
  • Research + conception
  • Resume design
  • including 2 correction runs
Contact me directly at for a quote on any of our resume-related services.
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