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Little Hands

Little Hands is a delightful small business operating on a home basis selling handcrafted soaps. Started by three sisters, still in school, as a project for the interest and understanding of product creation. This interest soon developed and furthered to know more about the commerce side of product development. Each step of the way their mom has been a guiding member of the team, helping the girls make decisions as well as in the production of the soaps.

Little Hands came to ontwerp looking for a logo and some simple branding for this lovely project that had become a small business. They wanted the logo to reflect that this small business is the work of three young entrepreneurial girls willing to take a chance.

While the logo needed to bring out the joyful and innocent nature of the product. As the soaps are about taking care of yourself and practicing self-love it was important to create a calm feeling around the logo design.

It was fantastic to work on a project that not only brought a smile to us but also an immense appreciation from the client.

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