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Any Time Proofreading

An In-depth Look

Delilah Nosworthy has had a formidable career where copyediting and proofreading were integral elements of her work. After deciding to branch off on her own Delilah approached us for a full corporate design package as well as a website design under her new brand Any Time Proofreading.

The Brief

Though it was some years ago I still remember the passion and professionalism that Delilah exhibited. She wanted Any Time Proofreading to portray wisdom, professionalism, and a touch of playful whimsy. It was important to convey the message of being trustworthy as well. An overall wholesome brand that puts your best interest first.

Any Time Proofreading represents a special dedication to concise and clear communication while showcasing the approachable nature of the brand. Delilah had also expressed an interest in woodland creatures such as owls and a minor fascination with effective communication. This set the groundwork for a unique brand.

The Approach

Though intrigued by this brand, Any Time Proofreading is headed up by a great copyeditor already so I was not the primary on this project. That role fell onto our senior graphic designer, Charl V. Nigrini.

Finding iconography that fits the brand’s offerings is not necessarily the most difficult part. Understanding the brand voice and what their message is and how to create imagery to match certainly has its challenges. Bringing the two together for an optimal combination of offering, brand message, and client vision is the equilibrium a graphic designer should be striving for.

Charl set out with all the information and begun working on concepts. As logo design is a process of creativity it often requires some quick sketches looking at a variety of concepts before coming upon what really fits. Focusing on the idea of wisdom and woodland creatures it wasn’t long before owls started to come to mind. Particularly as owls are also associated with reading, sometimes depicted with glasses to enforce this idea. Taking the owl iconography and incorporating the iconography of a typewriter Charl was able to develop a logo that is something special, an owl typewriter. And by using soft edges and clean lines, he created a pleasant logo that shows that little bit of whimsy Delilah wanted. Just like that Anytime Proofreading was a brand.

The Results

Any Time Proofreading turned out to be one of the logo designs I just adored. It is so playful and full of joy just like Delilah. Her services are just as professional and I would recommend Any Time Proofreading to anyone in need.

Charl created the full corporate identity before we moved on to the website. It was a fantastic project to work on which has added so much fun to our portfolio.

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