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Meaningful Engagement

The Context

Whilst the amounts may differ, all of us are confined to finite resources at any one time. As marketing communicators, determining what we want to say, why we need to say it, and who, when, and where to say it to, is critical to effective resource utilization. Establishing a meaningful engagement.

The Question

What is the minimum viable route to worthwhile engagement in the B2B space?

Heuristic 1: Clarify the opportunity

Compose a useful value proposition. Get a clear understanding of your target personas, anticipated needs, your solution benefits and competitive advantages. I prefer the Geoffrey Moore format. There are many good ones though. See here.

Heuristic 2: Find the customer

Using some of your value proposition components (primary market segment, secondary market segment, account type, title, role and location) as a guide, source your target personas through your network, social media interest groups, professional institutions, collaboration and/or internet searches.

Heuristic 3: Gain customer context insight 

Do what you can to understand the customer’s ecosystem, their needs, their challenges and what they are doing to mitigate these challenges. Research, read, talk to players (Suppliers, operators and competitors) in your target industry at a secondary market segment level. 

Heuristic 4: Tailor-make your content

Using the remaining value proposition components (Anticipated needs, your solution benefits and competitive advantages), purpose-design your messaging. This is critical to the success of your engagement, no matter the size of your budget or how many potential customers you have ‘found’. See here.

Heuristic 5: Make contact

Being mindful of GDPR compliance, use the path of ‘least resistance’ (Direct calls, social media, events, EDMs) to engage with your targeted personas. Have a conversation and showcase your value proposition.

Meaningful Engagement:

  • Clarify the opportunity
  • Find the customer
  • Gain customer context insight 
  • Tailor-make your content
  • Make contact


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