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Heuristics #1 – Brand Stories

The Context

Brand stories influence our way of thinking. Telling absorbing stories can actually change the way an audience thinks about, perceives and even behaves, towards your brand. Accomplished content marketers tell their brand stories so that each ‘listener’ in the target audience is the leading actor.

The Question

What is the minimum viable route to developing and broadcasting a brand story?

Heuristic 1: Get a sense of your audience

This is the most crucial aspect of your story. Do research. Engage with your target audience. Learn their ‘speak’. Find out what they care about? 

Heuristic 2: Frame your story logically

What challenges will your story solve? Frame your story with a clear beginning (introduce main character and challenge), middle (Adopting the solution), and end (Solution benefits). 

Heuristic 3: Put in pertinent detail

A thorough story chronologically delivers a hero, a challenge, guidelines, a proposal and a resolution. Add context and authenticity using a personalized narrative. Weave in what your audience cares about.

Heuristic 4: Focus distribution on the audience

The impact of your story is a function of the frequency (How often you place) and the reach (where you place). Use your own platforms and platforms that appeal to your audience.

Developing and broadcasting brand stories:
  • Get a sense of your audience
  • Frame your story logically
  • Put in pertinent detail
  • Focus distribution on the audience
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