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Content Marketing Trends for 2021

When you think of content marketing you are likely to have something specific in mind, perhaps a blog or social media post. Often something that has to do with the visual aspect of content generation. There is so much more that content marketing does to impact and even direct the digital journey of your customer.

Full-spectrum content generation involves written and visual elements while incorporating the desired application of the content. Both language and visual perception change from market to market. While what is trending is changing faster than the word can spread really.

What trends are expected in 2021?


I imagine that the use of video in all of its forms is not of a surprise to anyone, especially with the increase in popularity of YouTube, Patreon, and Tik Tok. Each of them speaks to the audience in a unique way. Each allow creators to express themselves in multiple methods over multiple platforms.

Perhaps including some video content that covers important information, promotions, behind-the-scenes clips, and so on could assist in opening up the conversation about your product or services. The more people are able to connect with your brand the more people will return.

Digital Journey

Each time someone interacts with your brand it is called a touchpoint. Touchpoints exist all over the internet and can have a great impact on how your company is perceived. Think of it as though the person has arrived at your physical store, once inside, they are able to see where things are shelved, where to purchase the items, and where to get more information from signage and helpful staff members.

The digital journey is similar to the shop journey. You want people to be able to find your services or products, where or how they can make a purchase, and how they can get in touch for further information or a request. However, you don’t have the luxury of having staff members dealing with customers face to face. This is where mapping your customer’s digital journey will allow you to improve on touchpoints and see where to implement a call-to-action to improve the flow and experience of your brand.

Concise & Clear Voice

COVID-19 hit the world with an impact few were prepared to manage. It has led to significant changes in work and personal lives for many of us. This impact has also influenced the way that we approach our marketing and ability to connect with audiences face-to-face.

There is a lot more competition swimming around the online waters. This makes it hard to see what is going on and focus your attention. This makes it the ideal time to take a step back and work on ensuring that your brand and brand message is concise and delivering the same message.

Live Streaming (& Stories)

More and more people want to feel connected and support a brand they feel are upholding similar values. Having a person to associate with a brand has become one of the central issues when creating a following and maintain credibility.

The use of stories has prompted the sharing of current raw footage directly from your phone. Establishing something that is grounded in authenticity. Live streaming has taken this a step further. Introducing longer sessions where the audience can ask questions directly to the creator or brand.

Consider taking up the option of live streams to connect with your audience and better answer their questions in real-time. We hold value in someone we view as important taking time to listen and engage.

Embrace your Content Marketing

Developing content is not only about creating some text and images to put online if anything that is described in its simplest form. Content is about embracing your message, your goal, and community values. This ultimately leads to a greater organic following and a loyal customer base.


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