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Let’s Talk Personal Branding

Personal branding might sound like something that high-end executives and so-called important people have or even require. Well, yes, they likely do require proper personal branding and put a fair amount of effort into maintaining a tailored image of themselves. However, you may not take into consideration the role that a well-balanced personal brand can play in achieving these executive roles.

A personal brand sits apart from the company or industry in which you are involved. A personal brand reflects a specific image and curates a certain kind of relationship with your audience. When we look at how people connect with companies, they find their comfort in the ideals and aesthetics of a brand while with individuals’ people are looking to connect with the person. What makes this person tick, where do they buy their clothes, what inspired them to be so confident?

How is Company Branding and Personal Branding Different?

You see, a company brand wants you to embrace their product or service so that it forms part of your personal brand identity. This happens whether you are consciously aware that these choices bring about certain perceptions such as the way one dresses or what kind of exercise one prefers. Focusing on having a conscious grip on your personal branding means making deliberate decisions on simple choices like preferred coffee brands.

These deliberate choices are made in an effort to influence and maintain a set of ideas about you as a person. It is with this knowledge and ability to remain authentic that gives influencers an advantage when engaging with larger audiences. As people, we are constantly concerned with how we are going to be perceived when you could be redirecting that energy into your own brand.

Company brands are not in the game to help you make better choices, they are searching to have their products in the hands of people who do have influence and do have set items within their personal brand identification.

What to Consider in the Early Stages of Personal Brand Development?

Personal brands are rather unique to the person and are often difficult to replicate. For this reason, I would say that the best initial step would be to take notes of the people you admire but find what is specific to you within that aspect that you admire. It is important to show who you are as the image you are trying to represent.

  • Credibility

An employer or potential client wants to have some kind of evidence of a decent track record, in both deliverables and professional relationships. By focusing on your personal brand, you are able to present these attributes in a concise and easy to digest fashion. Giving you a far more credible appearance to a prospective viewer.

  • Networking

People are invested in what they believe to be authentic and will spend a great deal of time ensuring your authenticity, which is not exactly that difficult these days considering the amount of media flowing through the web. A brand clearly articulates who you are and that allows you a greater chance of connecting with the right people sooner.

  • Longevity

Over the years you may find yourself in various roles and even starting multiple businesses. A personal brand stays with you through each venture and builds year by year. It is a long-time investment that forms part of how you present yourself to the world and the legacy you are leaving behind.

How can Focus on your Personal Brand Image Help you?

Whether you are in the market to further your career, find new opportunities, or take the plunge into freelancing you will need to have some way of showcasing your skills and emphasis on what makes you unique without muddying the waters.

You may be wondering: but is a resume or references, not enough?

The truth is that your resume is actually an element and a tool within your personal branding arsenal. Refining what your personal brand maybe will help understand what your overall voice is and ensure that you have one voice, one message throughout your online and offline presence. Why not take a few days to think about what your personal brand could be and how it could assist you in achieving your goals?


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