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Moving Your Mindset From Co-operation to Collaboration

In my last article, The Creative World of Business, I wrote a phrase I felt was left in the shadows of the article itself.

Embrace this opportunity to change your mindset from creating mediocre work for minimal value to accepting quality clients to create quality work at the value your time is worth.

There are places where cooperation is necessary and even complimentary. It does however have the tendency to drive people into a role of cooperation which simply drains every last bit of them. No space for expression, stability, or relaxation.

I would like to bring across the importance of collaboration. The role collaboration plays in allowing you to find business independence and brighten the structure in your design. Collaboration with colleagues, partners, and to an extent competitors, opens up many avenues for success in so many areas.

Have you considered the difference between being cooperative and collaborative?

Though this may come as a shock to some, they are actually two different words. Deciding to take on a cooperative or collaborative role changes one’s perspective in the situation. Yet they are used interchangeably.

Let’s start at the beginning, what are the differences between these two words?

Cooperation is when each individual is tasked with solving a section of a problem, reporting back to one or a few individuals without consulting each other about the problem, and the best strategic way forward.

While collaboration is tackling an issue fueled by all the individuals involved sticking to one basic idea.

Allowing for this change in mindset we are able to create a community of individuals who supply an all-round service to each and every client which comes their way. Not only is this possible but you also just walked into a world where your best and favourite skill is what you get paid to do.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying you will wake up with the mindset change, and now you are able to collaborate. True collaboration takes effort, motivation, and often refinement. As Lynn Power states in her article, Collaboration vs. Cooperation. There Is a Difference, “The reality is that true collaboration is hard — and it doesn’t mean compromise or consensus-building. It means giving up control to other people. It means being vulnerable.

However, it does play a great role in structuring how we do business.

I believe it is through collaboration that we are able to get the best out of each other, producing amazing work for which our passion is so obviously expressed in its delivery.

To limit your mindset is to limit the realm of possibility.

Watch this TED Talk with Adora Svitak on some ‘childish’ inspiration.

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