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what makes us

ontwerp - Line
About us
ontwerp is a boutique communications agency with a focus on content writing and graphic design. We are a collective of freelancers specialising in blog writing, article writing, website copy, logo design, corporate identities, and WordPress website setup. Working together, we provide excellent one-on-one service to clients all over the world. We are all driven to provide you with long-lasting content and design and we would be delighted to be a part of your brand journey.
Our goal

Effective communication is a measured balance between non-verbal and verbal elements. A clear understanding of your target personas and value proposition allows for efficient collaboration between our skilled content writers and focused graphic designers. We want our clients to feel comfortable and confident that we are the right fit for them. Keeping it affordable and efficient while delivering quality work is what we are all about.

Work with us

We are passionate about the work we provide. We enjoy working with clients located in Italy,  Switzerland, USA and South Africa. We are available to work with the majority of time zones and for projects for long-term and short-term periods. Use our nifty calendar to set up a virtual meeting to discuss your project needs.

What we offer

Creating inspiring and unique brand identities is what gives us purpose while assisting you in bringing a voice to your brand. All through storytelling, content writing, and visual, graphic design, elements.

Content writing has the responsibility to transform complex ideas into simplified components. We accomplish this via conversation, research, and years of experience. We offer content creation and development for:

  • Articles & blog posts
  • WordPress & websites
  • Marketing material

All our content is reviewed against keyword research for the best SEO results. Should you require assistance in this area we also offer SEO editing and proofreading for online content.

Graphic design is responsible for the eye-catching components while incorporating practical elements. We are able to offer this minimalistic approach through experience, research, and taking your vision into account. We offer a number of design services which include:

  • Logo design
  • Monogram design
  • WordPress design and customization
  • General graphic design (branding components)

We find that content writing and graphic design are two sides of the same coin. They both work together in order to create one narrative, one voice, one story that your audiences/followers can relate to and want to support. In bringing these two halves of the story together we have been able to find that just like businesses we all carry our own personal brand.

Giving your personal brand a little attention will give you an opportunity to discover what your ideal position is and how you can obtain it. Employers are always looking for the ideal candidate and this often requires knowing more than just your professional history to know if you are the right person for the role. Resume Aktiv is precisely that, an online profile that focuses on your professional background while showcasing some of your skills and interests outside of the work environment. Essentially giving you a place to show off your personality, accomplishments, and future goals where you can link back to all of your online activity as well. Your personal brand simplified into one outstanding profile.


Keep it simple. This is our motto when it comes to the workflow of a project. Content and design offer both aesthetic and practical qualities that are easy to get carried away with leaving your core vision on the sidelines. So when we say form follows function we are reminding ourselves that the purpose of the design or content takes precedent over the look. Our approach is about streamlining a process into key aspects. We begin with understanding what your need is, such as a logo design or perhaps articles for your website. Thereafter we look at what you want to achieve. Once we have established your main goal we can set out to summarize your vision. The information you provide sets down the groundwork for us to begin creating the content or design required. Lastly, we deliver the results in the necessary format. Should you wish to make any alterations, be it for the content writing or graphic design, we allow for up to two correction runs on each project. Begin your content or design project with us via email or our contact form:

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The Who's Who

Our collaboration and collective goal to always strive for the best results brought us together under one brand. It is as a unit that we are able to deliver in a timely fashion with design and content customised to your needs. Though it is our individual skills that provide the foundation that allow us to keep on building.

Get to know each of us, open the block for further details:







As the strategist Michael played an important role in the formulation of our business and marketing strategies. He is innovative, resourceful and always willing to assist. The level of business, marketing and communications insight he brings to the table makes him an asset to any company.

Johan Pienewald MD

Reinforcing Steel Contractors

If imitation is the highest form of flattery I would hire an army to produce the quality of copy writing and research offered at ontwerp. That army would conquer the world.

Andre Vos IT Project Leader

Living Blue Marble

ontwerp is a truly inspirational company. Taking the time to listen to your needs. The service was great and really uplifting.

Willie Visagie Co-Founder of Living Blue Marble

Má Bakery

ontwerp has been with us since the start of our company, and we are excited about the projects we will be doing together in the future. The design team at ontwerp just gets us, our company and our ethos, and captures it in their design so beautifully. They took us through all of the considerations we did not even know we needed to keep in mind, and walked us through the immediate and long-term implications of packaging decisions we make right now, and they scaffolded our dreams and ideas with practical suggestions on sizing, branding, look and feel. This is a journey long since over. 

Marelise Venter Director at Má Bakery

Reinforcing Steel Contractors

Social media offers a business the opportunity to communicate to the public in a way that no other communications methodology really allows for. It is inexpensive, capable of surgical focus and forgiving in its presentation as it is less specialised than other advertising platforms. You also gain the opportunity to show that the business comprises of people who have values and exist beyond the rat race without looking pretentious. ontwerp provides RSC with professional advice and collaboration with our online campaigns. The team is flexible in their ability to get your ideas into messaging while being firm about not letting you make a fool of yourself on the largest soapbox in the world.

Andre Vos IT Project Leader

Body and Beauty Clinic

ontwerp was referred to us by another happy client. From the get go Charl the owner was so fabulous and so very helpful. We as a all women salon didn’t know much about websites etc, but Charl was so patient with us and was always quick to answer any questions we had. With great service and quick responses I would highly recommend ontwerp. Best service.

Joey Nortjie Founder of Body and Beauty Clinic

Rotary Club of Centurion

Fast, efficient designs no matter the requests I've given them. From social media branding to post cards and even train tickets, their attention to detail is incredible.

Chris Visser Former Chair of the Rotary Club of Centurion

Má Bakery

We gave Charl literally just our vision and mission for our company, and he designed a logo that truly embodies who we are, down to the smaller details. The colour schemes were motivated and fit so well with our brand. The flow of the lines and how everything fit together is wonderful.

Marelise Venter Director at Má Bakery